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Welcome to a sneak peek of what is under construction now for the businesses in the region of Battlefield Parkway. 

We’re building new digital tools to constantly promote every business address of Battlefield Parkway, beginning with the coming launch of

We are ready to deliver stories, news, features, capabilities and strengths of every business address on and around Battlefield Parkway.

Our efforts will be a combination of GPS-locator search, mobile video, branded social media, business journalism and improved digital tools for businesses who need them.  

This page is an introduction to our project and how to be a part of it.  

The Battlefield Parkway area is home to over 300 businesses, from a multitude of restaurants and services to numerous retail offerings and a burgeoning medical district.

For those of us who grew up around the history of “2A,” Battlefield Parkway is now a mature business district with an immense amount to offer. 

We intend to raise the profile and top of mind awareness of Battlefield Parkway and its neighborhood with a combination of web, mobile and social tools.

We intend to be the largest, loudest champion of the businessess of Battlefield Parkway. 

Battlefield Parkway has earned position as a destination business district, even for those who live outside the general trade area.  

We will tell the inside story of every participating business on and around Battlefield Parkway, making video tours, newsworthy items, current offers and contact information available 24/7 via our own search tools and purpose-built social channels.  

If you’re on or close to Battlefield Parkway, it’s already a key part of your brand.

Battlefield Parkway will always be a primary locator for your business.

We believe certain fully featured business districts, including Battlefield Parkway, have exceptional branding value.  

We want to offer a great service for businesses of all sizes – especially the smallest businesses who could use additional support.  

As we grow, we will be adding other regional districts to a suite of mobile and social tools for the Chattanooga region.

We’re starting here, as we live here.  

Small businesses have milestone events and noteworthy happenings all the time, from new employees with added skills to routine sales, special closeout offers and accomplishments.  

Medical and dental offices add new procedures, new specialties.  

Restaurants add new menu items, auto shops have specialty services they’d like to promote.

But how to reach out, consistently? 

For professional offices, it would be helpful for a potential client or patient to see inside the facility before their first visit – or have a better reason to choose you over other options. 

We believe there is room for a service which introduces new people to you, consistently and reliably over time.  

We focus attention on the Battlefield Parkway brand because it is timeless.  It will be as valuable in 5 or 10 years as today, no matter what happens in the traditional or social media marketplace.

We’ve been building, meeting, talking, coding, driving, recording street level video day and night, flying drones, sampling restaurants and studying Parkway traffic counts. 

We want to improve the value of your address beginning now.   We want to tell the occupants of 30,000 vehicles passing through Battlefield Parkway every day where stories of every single business and office can be found – via, new social media channels and  regional apps coming for iOS, Android and traditional desktop web. 

The purpose of is to provide instant access to business information, video, tours, coupons, hours, directions and contacts.

The web version of our search system works by sorting business results by distance from user. 

For example, your business address is likely already in our system.  The closer someone is to your business location, the higher on the list you will appear.  There are many reasons we chose this sorting method, the largest is to assure consumers see what is available closest to them.

Users see results near them immediately with no additional typing.  They can scroll or search by keyword or category.  Video, contact information, social and web resources all appear instantly.  

As Battlefield Parkway is a mature business district and major connecting point – two opportunities exist for us to focus our marketing efforts:

1)  Encourage consumers to know more about the businesses right here at home.  This is a real effort to promote shopping locally with better information across multiple resources:  web, mobile, social.  

We want to help locals prioritize the businesses here before they shop elsewhere.  This includes sharing the stories behind our local small businesses and informing about such matters as our medical infrastructure as it rapidly grows.  

2) Promote Battlefield Parkway regionally.  The Parkway is a destination for competitive commerce, routine shopping and family outings.  We will reinforce Battlefield Parkway as a branded destination as well as a stop worth making off I-75.  

Zone Promotion is the concept that two worlds exist for a comprehensive marketplace like Battlefield Parkway:  Those close by who can learn more about what’s in their neighborhood, and those who live and travel regionally who are excellent prospects to do more business here in our area.  

When is accessed, the businesses closest to the user are displayed in order of distance from the user. 

This is accomplished by using the same type of GPS (Global Positioning) which powers car navigation and every form of turn-by-turn directions.  

Our project is based on short form mobile video because this is the contemporary method of marketing, and it’s only growing stronger.  Millennial consumers especially want genuine, honest information – authentic, complete and inviting.  

Now that social media is a mature part of the marketplace, we see its promise and its limitations.  For many, just maintaining a social media presence is difficult and time consuming.  Many small businesses have built social followings that reach a plateau, serve the primary customer base but fail to achieve growth beyond core participants.  

Many business websites haven’t been updated in months, even years.  Still other small businesses have no website or social channels which have gone dormant.  

By collectively offering an attractive point of entry for the region, we believe we can draw several thousand interested locals and visitors.  We believe we can serve them very well as we deliver your offers, news and videos as they are produced.  

Often the expense of traditional media is too much for the small business.  Allocating consistent spend for television, radio and newspaper is routinely challenging – and the world for traditional media is changing just as fast as our small business universe.

We’re creating a toolbox just for Battlefield Parkway, using its brand as a key locator to tell your story.  

We want your business to be a key part of the Battlefield Parkway Business District Project. 

Every participating Founder business receives the following:

  • A GPS-address based introduction page on
  • Space for one or two videos which introduce your business and can promote anything you wish.
  • Regular promotion on social pages we will maintain for Battlefield Parkway
  • Hosting and delivery of the videos you use on our platform
  • Low cost assistance with any additional digital services you need. There is no upsell whatsoever, yet if you need help with anything – we’re ready with resources and contacts to get it done.  We’re developers with extensive experience in digital creation. 

The cost for participating in and being part of our consistent efforts for the Parkway is $99.00 for Founders quarterly.  That’s it.  That’s the “ask.”  There will be no upsell, however we are willing to help and quote additional digital development needs upon your request.

At $99 quarterly to support the maintenance of this project for Battlefield Parkway, we believe it will be the best small spend you make.  

Founder Businesses are those who come on board before December 1st, 2022.  Your rate will be locked in permanently.   

Founder Businesses will also receive initial free video editing and production up front.  We estimate the value of producing the initial introduction video for your business, including on-location shoot for video gathering, script-writing, voiceover, editing and ad-free hosting at $500.00.  

For those joining after December 1st, the value will still be excellent at $99 per month.  When comparing what we receive for $100 from any other resource, we believe our value proposition is very high.  

We’d appreciate a “Yes, let’s go.”   In fact, we have a form for that right below here. 🙂

We need the following pieces in place as fast as possible:

1)  Your correct contact information, correct address for GPS coordinates, businesss description – the starter basics.  We need a picture which represents your business or industry to use on your profile.

2)  We need a proper, well-produced video introduction for your business.  If you have one we can repurpose, terrific.  Most businesses do not.  If you need one produced, we’ll get it done for Founder Businesses.

3)  We’d really like a “special offer” to promote on all our communication channels – if this is appropriate for your type of business.  

4)  We’d also deeply appreciate if you could share our signage somewhere in your location.  We want everyone who encounters a Battlefield Parkway business to know how to explore neighboring businesses and make our entire economic region stronger.  


We’ll invoice you for $99 quarterly and that’s it*.  

It is our job to prove our value and show you our efforts as an ongoing project.  

We do ask for patience, especially the first year.  We have a great deal to accomplish in a short time.   

* Applies to Founding Partner businesses who join before December 1st.  They will keep the $99 quarterly rate permanently with continued service.  After December 1st, new sign-ups will be at $99/month.

We’re all about numbers, and we’ll be watching them closely.

We know 30,000 vehicles pass by Battlefield Parkway and its surrounding arteries every day.  We want every one of these vehicles, and every regular patron and visitor of Battlefield Parkway to know about  

Additionally, we want our branded social efforts to be visited by as many people as possible as often as possible.

You can help, and we appreciate that help greatly.  Just by participating, making strong offers and being a terrific local business – our job becomes a cycle of promoting and serving successful clients. 

The metrics will come down to entry visits to our platforms and the number of times we can cause  videos for each business to be viewed over time.  

With high participation, we will have the resources to enjoy the type of outreach we want – including billboards and other local media.  

Ultimately, “success” means you feel you’re getting more value out of our efforts than you put in.  This is ROI, return on investment, and this is exactly what we want.  

By building great tools with more to come, we want to have businesses tell us it’s an excellent value worth much more than its cost.  That, to us, is our bar of success.  

We have full-service digital creative capabilities.  If your website is out of date, social media needs help or you need an end-to-end agency to care for your business, we’d be thrilled to join your family.  

You can speak with our founding partner directly by calling 423-544-1801 with any questions.  His name is Jason, his home is Lafayette, GA.  

If you’re a franchise we can use any video supplied by your franchisor.   

If you’re a multi-location business, such as a bank, our goal is the same – to personalize your location while introducing your staff and offers.  

We can produce video to send for sharing approvals, and we will comply in any manner required.  

Your location may be part of a large chain or regional financial brand, yet each location has individual character, staff and merit we’d like to share, promote and define any way we can.  

We have billboard artwork and broadcast content ready to go at launch.  We want to drive traffic to Battlefield Parkway’s digital homes on web, social and mobile. 

Additionally, we will create organic traffic by placing attractive signage at each location we serve.  The more you can participate in growing use of this platform, the greater value it becomes over time.   

With excellent participation, this project will become a leading resource for consumers and businesses alike.  By making and sharing great offers consistently, consumers will have a resource they can trust to connect with hundreds of businesses right here at home.  

Once a month, we’ll check in to make sure your offers and information are current.  

We’ll ask if you have any new offers to make, and will make any updates which are needed.  

Each month (or usually more frequently), your current offers will be posted to our social channels – we will also help with time sensitive offers and any clearance-type specials you may have.  

Your video can be changed at any time.  The video is intended to be a general introduction  to your location which can be changed when necessary.  

You can submit video from your own sources to swap out at any time at no cost.  You may use any video production vendor to complete your updated or replacement video content.  

If you wish to have the freedom to change your videos on your own at any time, we make it easy.  ActiveParkways uses the Vimeo platform and can use a video URL from your account in our system.  

    (Thank you)

    This form does not obligate or contract for any purchase.

    Again, we thank you for being here!
  • By submitting this form, you are giving us permission to contact you using the above means. We want to be courteous.

    Also, this form does not obligate you or your business to any product or service of any kind.

    We look forward to talking, meeting and serving you!